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Stand Mic Maruni MS209B

Stand Mic Maruni MS209B
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Stand Mic Maruni MS209B

The On Stage Maruni MS209B Microphone Stand is a durable tripod mic stand and boom combination and just about the best value we’ve ever offered. These stands use the highest quality components. The legs fold down for the most compact storage. Setup height is adjustable from 36 to 63 inches.Stand Mic Maruni MS209B


On Stage Maruni MS209B Tripod Microphone Boom Stand Features and Specifications Solid cast end with standard 5/8-27 threads. Long 30 inch boom with molded plastic counterweight. Euro-Style boom with separate clutches for length and angle of boom. Allows user to make one-handed adjustments of boom angle while performing.

Stand Mic Maruni MS209B Microphone Stand

Stand Mic Maruni MS209B1

Professional quality die-cast zinc clutch locks vertical shaft at any height from 36 to 63 inches. Clip-on cable holder. Steel-reinforced plastic leg housing offers less weight and exceptional strength. Folding legs with plastic endcaps for durability and reduced floor vibration. Base spread: 23 inches Our best selling stand! This Euro Boom boasts hybrid sheet metal and high-impact plastic leg housing making it unbreakable. A removable boom arm and its ability to fold flat make this stand a must for every member of the band. Also features a cast steel mid-point clutch. One of the most popular microphone stands in the world, the Maruni MS209B is designed to go wherever your music takes you. Packed with pro features and protected by a long-lasting black finish, the lightweight Maruni MS209B is a great choice for almost any application.

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