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Mic Wireless Shure SH 8000

Mic Wireless Shure SH 8000
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Mic Wireless Shure SH 8000 Dual Handheld Wireless Microphone Starter Kit

This easy-to-use and affordable dual wireless microphone starter set from Shure includes two handheld wireless microphones and a wireless receiver, giving you the range and enhanced mobility you need.

Mic Wireless Shure SH 8000Mic Wireless Shure SH 8000


Mic Wireless Shure SH 8000, this microphone system is not only economical, but practical — it will do the trick for almost any occasion, from meetings or corporate events, to speeches or ceremonies, or even to emcee a party or host a karaoke night.

  • Starter set: Two fully-functional handheld wireless microphones.
  • Comes with wireless receiver for enhanced mobility.
  • Easy to use and affordable alternative that is ideal for meetings, events, speeches, etc.
  • Connects to most audio devices that have microphone inputs. (guitar amplifier, karaoke machines, public address systems)
  • Includes: 2 microphones, 1 receiver with 2 built in retractable antennas, 1 piece ¼ to ¼ microphone input jack cable, operating instructions.Mic Wireless Shure SH 8000

The wireless microphone kit is recommended for beginners and comes with 2 microphones, 1 receiver, 1 double-way jack cord, 2 antennas, and operating instructions.

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