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Pelican 1650 Situation with Foam for Digital camera (Black)

Saturday, May 17th 2014.

Pelican 1650 Situation with Foam for Camera (Black)

Pelican Protector Situations are produced with Copolymer Polypropylene, employing an open mobile core and strong wall building, which is stronger and lighter that the completion. You can explain to its a Pelican scenario by the unique “twin-ribbed” top surface area. Stainless metal pins are employed for hinges and handles. The new Double-Throw latches are a lot simpler to open.
Pelican 1650 Case with Foam for Camera (Black)

Pelican 1650 Situation with Foam for Camera (Black) functions :

  • Retractable extension deal with
  • 4 sturdy polyurethane wheels with stainless steel bearings
  • Watertight, crush-evidence and dust-proof
  • Straightforward open double throw latches
  • Open mobile main with strong wall style – robust, light-weight fat
  • Pelican cases are held watertight through the use of a tongue and groove suit and a polymer o-ring.
  • Pelican instances appear regular with an Computerized Pressure Equalization Valve which releases constructed up air pressure whilst retaining h2o out.
  • Pelican’s Decide N’Pluck foam allows you customize the inside.
  • Stainless metal strengthened padlock protectors
  • Inside Proportions (inches): 28.50 x seventeen.37 x ten.50

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