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a.m.p SP1 Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Black)

Friday, December 27th 2013.

a.m.p SP1 Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Black)

Break the bonds of mediocre audio and unleash the power of your tablet, smartphone, or laptop. Whether or not you are listening to music, watching motion pictures, or playing games, Antec Mobile Products’ (a.m.p) SP1 moveable Bluetooth speaker will deliver your media to daily life. But really do not sacrifice control! With the SP1’s constructed-in microphone and controls, you can simply swap among audio and telephone functions with the touch of a button-so you will in no way miss out on a contact. For even much more ease, pair the SP1 with you laptop computer and continue to be in touch with platforms these kinds of as Skype or Google Voice and even on your smartphone with Viber.
a.m.p SP1 Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Black)

a.m.p SP1 Transportable Bluetooth Speaker (Black) functions :

  • Stream all of your digital media from your Bluetooth-enabled device including your mobile phone, tablet, pc, and mp3 participant
  • Created-in microphone to pick up or place phone calls by means of phone, Skype, GoogleVoice, Viber, and more
  • thirty toes of wi-fi connectivity
  • Up to ten hours of playback time

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