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5 Pack – four Song All Star Karaoke Customized Karaoke Card (CD+G)

Wednesday, January 29th 2014.

5 Pack – four Track All Star Karaoke Custom made Karaoke Card (CD+G)

To Redeem Your Custom made Card:

purchase your All Star Karaoke Personalized Card
when you get your card go to www.All-Star-Karaoke.com
simply click on the website link to redeem your custom card on the residence website page
decide on your music
commence by way of the simple checkout approach
and take pleasure in your personalized Karaoke discs!
5 Pack - 4 Song All Star Karaoke Custom Karaoke Card (CD+G)

5 Pack – four Song All Star Karaoke Personalized Karaoke Card (CD+G) features :

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